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#41 [url]

Jan 24 17 10:38 AM

Title: la peite mort

author: jcry
artist: marsh of sleep

Summary: Kid has always wanted a BDSM relationship. Luckily Crona is here to lend a hand. The anti-50 Shades of Grey. RL AU, with a nonbinary Crona. 
Pairings: KidxCrona, MakaxSoul, TsubakixLiz, PattyxBlackStar. 
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Lots of Sex. Bondage. Chasity and Orgasm play. People not getting that Crona is nonbinary.

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#42 [url]

Jan 24 17 1:32 PM

Heavy Dirty Soul
Author: khaleesimaka
Artist: therealflurrin
Going off his medication was Soul’s first mistake.

His second mistake is allowing his depression to take control. He conceals and hides his slowly deteriorating mind from those around him and pretends like everything is the same when it’s not. But when death starts to be his best option, who can truly blame him. Lucky for him, Wes is a concerned brother.
Warnings: depression, suicidal thoughts
Rating: T
Fic links: FFN, AO3
Art links: DA1, DA2, tumblr

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#43 [url]

Jan 24 17 9:36 PM

Witch Doctor
Author: DollyPopUp
Artist: Innocentcinnamonbun

Practical Magic AU.

Frank Enstein-Morte has had magic in his bones since he was born, and he knows that’s a curse more than a blessing. With the curse of the Death Beetle looming over his head, he casts an Amas Veritas spell, tying his soul to a woman he thinks cannot possibly exist. Or so he thinks.

But after his brother, Spirit, gets into a bad stint with an abusive Medusa Gorgon, ending in an accidental murder, a revival, and a second murder, Miss Marie Mjolnir, Private Investigator comes a-knocking. And it isn’t for pleasantries. Now, while Stein is realizing that his dream woman has manifested before him, he realizes that he can’t lie to her. Which isn’t so opportune when he’s being questioned for murder of the woman whose soul is still clinging to Spirit with a hell of a vengeance.

Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Cursing, dark magic, a heated makeout, Medusa, domestic abuse (via Medusa), mild angst
Fic Links: A03, Tumblr
Art Link: Tumblr

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#44 [url]

Jan 25 17 9:04 PM

Author: Professor Maka (professor-Maka on Tumblr, Professor Maka on ffn, Professor_Maka on ao3)

Artists: Sahdah and Rogha

Title: Awoken

Summary: After being awoken from a nasty curse by an unwelcome kiss from an awkward Prince, the fondest wish of Princess Maka of Albarn is to be left alone. Unfortunately, her father has other plans and she is to be wed to her rescuer according to strict tradition as soon as preparations can be made. Desperate to avoid such an unsavory fate, Maka seeks the aid of a witch and finds herself alone in a strange new world. Can a snarky but good hearted pianist help her to find her happily ever after and leave Albarn behind once and for all? Not if Prince Ox of Ford has anything to say about it!An Enchanted AU also inspired by the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.
Ratings: PG-13/T

Pairings: Soul x Maka, implied JacKim, one sided Ox x Maka, one sided Ox x Kim

Warnings: language, minor violence (sword fighting)

Fic links:



FFN: https:/

Art by Sahdah:

Art by Rogha:


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#45 [url]

Jan 26 17 5:00 PM

Is It Like The Ocean?

author: DollyPopUp
artist: soundofez

Warnings: Nudity, Wounds, Sappiness, Sexual Humor, too much ridiculousness, bad pacing, OOC...ness, NO explicit sexual content
Pairing: SteinMarie
Rating: R
SummaryAKA: The Useless Fishboy Stein AU.

Marie Mjolnir, working as a lifeguard in Australia, stumbles across something a tiny bit strange when she decided to walk the beach at night. And by tiny bit, she means gigantic bit. Because it’s not every day you find a man with a fishtail washed up on shore, bleeding out into the Ocean. After dragging the unconscious sharkman back to her house and dumping him in her bathtub, she’s left with the task of nursing him back to health. Which would certainly be easier were he not the most stubborn mermaid her side of the equator

fic: [tumblr] [ao3art: [tumblr]  

Last Edited By: soundofez Jan 26 17 5:06 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#47 [url]

Jan 27 17 10:44 PM

There's Something at Work in my Soul

Author: Lannerz
Artist: Innocentcinnamonbun

Rating: (hard) PG-13
Warnings: depictions of violence and death, blood, unethical and illegal science experiments, kidnapping, scenes of murder, animal death, Madness, body horror, suspense, fear, flashbacks, war, language
Pairings: Stein/Marie, minor Maka/Soul, past Spirit/Kami, one-sided Stein/Medusa
Summary: (Fullmetal Alchemist Fusion AU)

Years after serving in the horrors of the Ishval War and seclusion, Stein, a State Alchemist whose alchemy is terrifying and unique, is forced to investigate a series of grisly murders alongside his old roommate and closest friend, Lieutenant-Colonel Marie Mjolnir, and former pal, General Spirit Albern. The mission: find and capture the Vector Alchemist, Medusa Gorgon, to stop her horrific alchemy experiments. But things become complicated as Stein journeys down this dark rabbit hole. Not only must he confront the terrible truth about alchemy, but he also must face his own demons, the mistakes of his past, and how his alchemy affected his relationships with Marie and Spirit. Is he any better than Medusa or is he already too far gone? As gruesome as Medusa’s crimes are, he can’t help but be intrigued by the alchemy and Marie can only remind him of his humanity for so long.

Link to Fic: tumblr AO3
Link to Art: Tumblr

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#48 [url]

Jan 29 17 12:08 AM

Title: The Art of Losing
Author: redphlox
Artist(s): soundofez; sojustifable
Summary:While the people in Maka's life have always been temporary, the gold wedding ring that serves as the only link to her hazy past is anything but. It's only when she befriends piano prodigy Soul Evans and they journey across the world together that she realizes people can become more than just fleeting - and that the truth about her past is closer than she had ever imagined. Anastasia AU.
Pairing: SoulxMaka
Rating: T
Warnings: death of a minor character before the start of the fic, vague mentions of depression and alcoholism.

fic: fanfiction / ao3
art by sojustifiable: song / art
art by soundofez: gifs/art

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#50 [url]

Jan 31 17 1:25 AM

Title: Pell Grant Matrimony
Author: sojustifiable & marsh of sleep
Artist(s): adorabbey, tilliquoi

Summary: Mama wants an update of Maka’s life, but there’s a severe lack of anything interesting to report. She’s stuck in an eternal rut, and the only excitement in her life is her steadily disappearing underwear.

Thankfully, her cute neighbor gets her in touch with the panty-stealing culprit. Soul is sometimes evasive and secretive, though he makes up for it by showing her what it’s like to have fun on a regular basis. Just as Maka thinks she has exciting news to report to Mama, Soul turns out to be hiding more than exotic pets in the bathroom. The fake-married, secret dating AU you didn’t ask for.

Pairing: Endgame Soul/Maka, DTK/Black*Star
Rating: R for drug use/mention
Warnings: language, recreational drug use, illegal pets, Black*Star’s mooseknuckle

Last Edited By: Marsh of Sleep Jan 31 17 12:21 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#52 [url]

Jan 31 17 9:13 PM

Title: Soul Incubus
Author: chelseachee
Artist: Makibela
Summary: Maka was just living her normal life. You know, going to college, hanging out at the clubs with friends, having a one-night stand with a stranger... A one-night stand that turns into two, and then three. But I mean, who knew an Incubus could be so attractive? SoMa College AU with a dash of Supernatural
Pairing: SoMa
Rating: M for smutty smut smut-time
Warnings: lotsa smut, supernatural, cursing, drinking

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#53 [url]

Feb 1 17 5:12 PM

Title: I Got 99 Problems And Medusa Is All Of Them
Author: Bones (adulterclavis)
Artist: Eisschirmchen

Summary: Mean Girls/Jennifer’s Body homage. Life is hard when your brother is a musical prodigy and your parents assume you’re going to be following in his footsteps. It’s a lot harder when you decide to leave all that behind and attend public school, especially when attending public school apparently involves insane drum majors, a principal no one has ever seen, a cutthroat social scene complete with actual murder, teenage girls who are literally possessed by demons, and some crazy blue-haired guy in heelys and shutter shades who’s trying to make ‘bode’ happen.

art: Tumblr

Last Edited By: Marsh of Sleep Feb 2 17 10:47 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#55 [url]

Feb 2 17 7:50 PM

I Come From The Land Down Under

Author: DollyPopUp
Artist: TheFishyWitch
Rating: NC-17. Beware.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Drug (weed) use. So many goddamn dick jokes. Horrible innuendos for sex. Pierced private bits. Dicks. More dicks. Putting the ‘dick’ in ‘ridickulous’. NSFW.
Pairing(s): SteinMarie main. Some side Nyzusa
Summary: It’s a beautiful, breezy evening when Marie Mjolnir checks her phone and sees that she has thirty, yes, THIRTY unread text messages from one Spirit Albarn, all featuring his readily unimpressive schlong with the question of ‘Which should I send my date?’.In a fit of what has to be the most annoyance and irritation she had ever felt, she retaliated by giving him his answer in the form of making a blog rating the pictures he sent her of his wiener. What she didn’t expect was that she would start up the newest internet sensation, spending her days rating various wieners. It’s only when she receives an all too appealing (to her) image of a rather studded Anaconda, the only image she grants a sparkling A+, that the real Boloney Pony ride begins.Of course, everyone save for her know that it belongs to Frank Stein, owner and head piercer at Needle and a Thread tattoo shop, as well as Marie’s best friend and crush of over a decade. But, of course, what would any decent story be without some kind of misconception?

Link: Archive of Our Own:

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#57 [url]

Feb 4 17 2:51 AM

February 3

Now the light falls Author: lunarresonanceArtist: lbkprincen (art not yet posted)drmadscientist: PG-13Pairing: SoulxMakaRead it on: and Born with the ability to talk to the dead, Maka Albarn lives in the shadow of two worlds. She grows up reveling in the ghostly company until tragedy strikes. As the last threads of her parents’ marriage rip apart in the fallout, she vows to never speak to a ghost again.Her promise is tested four years later when Maka is struck by a car and wakes up to find herself bound to a strange boy called Soul, who is confused, sarcastic, and above all, very dead.

Last Edited By: Lunarresonance Feb 4 17 7:43 PM. Edited 4 times.

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