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#64 [url]

Feb 5 17 5:30 PM

Wanna Be Yours
author: khaleesimaka
artist: fuzzyfur455
"Can you show me how to kiss someone?"

It starts out as a simple request, but the one after it leaves Maka in a sexual mess she wasn't expecting. The sex was meant to help her get over Soul. Not dig herself deeper into a hole and only make her love him even more. Friends With Benefits AU.
Warnings: explicit sexual content, oral sex, porn with a plot, mutual pining, denial of feelings, fluff too
Rating: M
Fic links: AO3 and FFN
Art links: one and two (nsfw)


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#65 [url]

Feb 5 17 9:23 PM

Now the Light Falls

by author: LunarResonance

with artist: MaddestScientist

and artist: lbkprincen

Summary: Born with the ability to talk to the dead, Maka Albarn lives in the shadow of two worlds. She grows up reveling in the ghostly company until tragedy strikes. As the last threads of her parents’ marriage rip apart in the fallout, she vows to never speak to a ghost again.Her promise is tested four years later when Maka is struck by a car and wakes up to find herself bound to a strange boy called Soul, who is confused, sarcastic, and above all, very dead.

Pairing: SoulxMaka

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Horror, some graphic violence


My piece:

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#68 [url]

Feb 6 17 10:01 PM

Link to Art:

Title: Revelations
Author: jcrycolr3wradc
Artist: dreamingagain973
Pairing: Wes/Liz
Warnings: Character Death. Underage dubcon.
Summary: Wes Evans goes to find his brother after the moon turns black. Along the way he finds Liz Thompson.
Link to Fic:

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#69 [url]

Feb 7 17 8:55 AM

Macabre Records

Author: Kittenintheden
Artists: Thesockswhowearsfox, Marsh of Sleep

Summary: There’s one last summer before the employees of Macabre Records scatter to the four winds and everything’s going sideways. Their beloved record store has a dark cloud hanging over it called Gorgon Sisters Music – the owners aren’t just poaching their customers, they’re also pressuring Kid to sell his dad’s shop. The morning starts out badly when Black Star gambles away a desperately-needed chunk of the store’s cash, and things go downhill from there. But it’s Ragnorak Day, and the crew knows if they don’t make it the best damn day possible, they’ll regret it forever. 

Pairings: Kim/Jacqueline, Soul/Maka, Kid/Crona, Tsubaki/Liz
Rating: M
Warnings: underage drinking, alcohol abuse/alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, language, sexual content

Sox: to be added
some songs NSFW.

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#70 [url]

Feb 8 17 9:19 PM

Your soul is where I made my home

Author: Victoriapyrrhi
Artists: OdetteDoodlette, thefishywitchy (Aeriel)

Summary: The last place Maka expected to be at 27 was single and pregnant after a one night stand. This wasn’t in the cards, and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. But if there’s one thing she’s learned over the years, it’s that family is what you choose to make of it.
Pairings: Soul/Maka, side of Stein/Marie, implied Tsubaki/Black*Star
Warnings: one night stand, accidental pregnancy, post canonish compliant, mentions of abortion and potentially of self-harm, temporary angst, happy ending
Rating: Mature

Fic: Ao3, FFN
OdetteDoodlette's Art: Here.
thefishywitchy's Art: Here and Here.

Last Edited By: VictoriaPyrrhi Feb 8 17 9:38 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#71 [url]

Feb 9 17 10:10 PM

Jortsquad Resbang Links

My GW name: skadventuretime
Partners' GW names: jokay and amberlehcar
Public summary: It’s been so long since Soul could hear his own music. Even longer since he cared, after what music did to Wes and his family. But when his childhood friend Maka returns like a tempest to Death City and demands he accompany her in an upcoming competition, Soul must decide whether the pain of reclaiming his sound is worth the rush of playing with her again. A Your Lie in April AU.
Rating: T
Warnings: Depression, some gore, some suicidal ideation, major character death
Links: Story - AO3: FFN:
Jo's art: 
Amber's art:

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#73 [url]

Feb 11 17 1:22 AM

My GW Username: ameliarose
My Partner's GW Username: daciafu
Title of the Fic: You Good?
Warnings: graphic violence, swearing, mentions of gang violence, blood
Pairings: lowkey Soul/Maka and lowkey Black*Star/Kid

posted to ao3:
posted to tumblr:
posted to ffn:

Last Edited By: ameliarose Feb 12 17 3:02 AM. Edited 2 times.

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#74 [url]

Feb 12 17 4:02 AM

writer's gw username: soundofezwriter's gw username: soundofez
artist's gw username: feather97title of the fic: Criss-Crossed: Tales of Ladybug and Cataclysmwarnings: too many POVs, bottled emotions, Black Star, anxiety, attempted arranged marriage, varying levels of Man Pain (TM), so much relationship confusion, guilt tripping, mild language & violencepairings: soma, steinmarie, (joemarie) ao3 fic post art 

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#75 [url]

Feb 12 17 3:11 PM

My Name: Bitter November

My Partner's Name: piercelovewonton
Title: Super Ordinary
Link: GW
Pairings: Soma, mentions of Star/Tsubaki
Warnings: Sexual references, minor gore, minor character death
Summary: Maka and Soul are two very different superheros.  One natural, one self made. Their goals are the same, though their differences cause them to butt heads, until heroes all over the city begin losing their powers to the same mysterious man, his motivations unknown. As the violence of his attacks escalate, Soul, Maka, and their friends must band together to stop him.......before their own powers are turned against them.

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#76 [url]

Feb 12 17 6:12 PM

Pariah - submission

Author: fabulousanima
Artist: rogha

Link to fic: ffn / ao3
Link to art: tumblr

He and his brother Wes are forced to join the army to fight in a pointless war. But in a terrible battle, his brother is killed and his body is ruined. A mage named Maka makes a terrible decision, one that changes the course of his life forever. They both must deal with the consequences of her actions, and must both ask themselves: what defines who I really am?Pairing: Soul/MakaRating: MWarnings: gore equivalent with battle wounds, existential angst

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#77 [url]

Feb 12 17 9:21 PM

Forces of Attraction
author: khaleesimaka
artist: leslietendo
Summary:Soul and Maka are exes in every sense of the word except on Facebook.A memo Soul fails to tell his family when they invite the pair for a week long getaway at their lake house. What’s meant to be a relaxed vacation grows more complicated as time wanes down and Maka wonders if she broke up with Soul for the right reasons. Fake Dating Exes AU.
Warnings: mild sexual content, mutual repression of feelings, mutual pining, awkward family moments, fluff
Rating: M
Fic links: FFN and AO3
Art link: here

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#78 [url]

Feb 13 17 12:16 PM

My GW Username: PierceLoveWonton
Partner: BitterNovemberSoul
Rating: RWarnings: Sexual references, mild gore, minor character deathSummary: Maka and Soul are two very different superheros.  One natural, one self made. Their goals are the same, though their differences cause them to butt heads, until heroes all over the city begin losing their powers to the same mysterious man, his motivations unknown. As the violence of his attacks escalate, Soul, Maka, and their friends must band together to stop him…….before their own powers are turned against them.
Art Link:
Fic Link:

Last Edited By: PierceLoveWonton Feb 13 17 12:21 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#80 [url]

Feb 13 17 4:52 PM

your GW username and the GW username of your partners:
My username: Hermionesqueen 
Partner's username: Strawberrymeister
your COMPLETED story's public summary, rating, and warnings: 
Summary:When Liz and Tsubaki are cast as the romantic leads in their school play of Cinderella, they realize their relationship might be more than just friendship. Amazing art by Resbang partner is here: 
Rating: G
Warnings: none

links to every place you've posted your Resbang:

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