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Jul 11 12 10:49 PM

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Hey guys, I'm going to doing my first LP of the new MMO the Secret World. However, I'd like you guys to have input in what I'm doing. So basically, this isn't going to be "Rothide's" Character, it will be Grigori Wings character. And since the first part in making a new hero is choosing a secret society, lets make that be the first choice.

Should I play:

1. Illuminati: Sex, Drugs, and Rockefeller - these people are about Assault Rifles and Armani Suits, either Play or get Played in this society. These people are the movers and the shakers of the world, and they use everything at their disposal to get what they want.

2. Templars: Suffer not the Demon to Live - Honor, Tradition, and rooting out evil. They are rugged in the pursuit of stamping out the darkness of the secret world, though they may be a bit extreme. "Burn a town to kill a demon" is a common description for this Society.

3. The Dragon: Chaos to bring Balance - "Don't see it as a flaw that we've given up on the Dragon, but... we've given up on the Dragon" is a common statement to their enemies. Was everything that happened today their doing, or did they day just really suck for some people. With the Dragon, that is their goal. Stagnancy is their enemy, and the Dragon will do anything to cause change.

So give us your Vote GW. I look forward to your decision.
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