Nov 9 12 3:32 PM

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Most of my fan fictions are along the line of "general" to "implied shipping" So unless it's bashing you over the head with a ship I'm tossing it over here. If I should do otherwise someone slap me with a ruler and I will correct it :,D

October is Uncool - ffn and Ao3
Kami comes to Death City for a month long visit and Soul has to deal with Maka trying to go out of her way when it comes to pleasing her, even going far as taking up a class she doesn't even need. It's from Soul's point of view and shows Kami in a fairly harsh light. 
Warnings: mild character bashing maybe?, swears
Length: 6 chapters, just over 24,000 words including author's notes.

You're too Likeable - ffn and Ao3
Technically a tie-in to October is Uncool, but can also be taken as a stand-alone one-shot, a conversation between Spirit and Kami with a few irrational actions tossed in.
(I kind of consider this Anti-shipping but again correct me if I'm pegging this wrong).
Warnings: swears, homophobic language, smoking of course, slightly twisted I've been told.
Length: one-shot just under 2,000 words including author's notes.

Couple more but not 100% on the placement and off to work soon so I'll deal with them later.