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Jan 3 13 8:48 PM

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The question I have involves chapters (I think) 73 plus so I put the manga panel I used as an example under a spoiler. It's not like a huge spoiler or anything but I hid it anyway, just in case.

So I thought about this chapter recently. When they enter the Book of Eibon into the "Lust" chapter they turn into opposite genders and apparently what they're physically (and maybe personality-wise) attracted to. Soul is a flat-chested girl who gets riled up and jealous when Maka gets a nosebleed when she/he sees the Succubus so it seems like he's kind of turned into Maka. But Maka turns into a "solemn" young man who (besides the hair) looks really neat? And I feel like she either turned into basically herself in male form or a little like Kid. And I don't ship Maka and Kid at all but I just wondered if anyone else had noticed this and thought about? Maka's personality also probably tells me that she hasn't really thought that much about what she's attracted to so she just turns basically into her herself as a guy...

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Jan 4 13 8:41 AM

Re: Book of Eibon

I have thought about this before and it has occurred to me that she does come out looking a lot like Kid.

For sake of my heart, I remind myself that Soul presents in a suit as well, in the black room.

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Jan 5 13 4:19 AM

I've mentioned this in chat before but Soul kind of looks like Angela/Whatever the other meister girl is to Tsgumi in NOT but that could just be a coincidence since NOT wasn't even out then. I've never really seen Kid in Manka before, we only got to see a little bit of Manka and I didn't really get solemn out of his vibe. Plus Mankas hair is messy which reminds me of Soul with his messy hair and there's the nosebleed too. Obviously Maka doesnt have that much of a libido so to me it makes me think that she has one because Soul would have them when Blair would come parading about in her various states of undress and I know its a half baked theory so hopefully yall get what I'm getting at.
Or I could be in complete denial about Manka looking like Kid :l

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Jan 5 13 5:12 PM

It really bothered me when I saw it for some reason, though I've kind of tried to let it go for otp reasons. xD And I did forget that he wore a suit in the black room. I don't believe this chapter was at all significant to who they may or may not end up with, and that it was maybe Ohkubo's way to have a little fun in experimenting with what the characters might be like in opposite genders instead.

I didn't really see "solemn" either but I think either Killik or Harvar might have said it out loud to describe Maka's personality. But they also said after they changed that they hadn't changed much at all, so the book might have just had different effects on different people, too? And yeah, I guess the nosebleed could make her a lot less like Kid in personality if only because I don't think he's ever had one in canon.

ugh I don't know it just bothered me a lot and I wanted to share it xD

I try to let it go because later Soul and Maka have that really nice moment in the "Envy" chapter.

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Jan 7 13 11:33 PM

Wait there was one time that I can think of: 

But yeah youre right I looked back and I think one of them did mention that. I still do hope that the chapter had some signifigance shipping wise only cos Soul is basically Maka xD

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Jan 9 13 10:01 PM

omg that still remains one of my favorite Soul Eater moments to date. I always, always laugh at that part. xD

And yeah, I know what you mean. Plus Soul did have a panel all to himself with him looking incredibly jealous.

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