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Jan 17 13 2:31 PM

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I've been watching SE Part 2, Disc 2 over and over again all day, and a certain scene always makes me crack up:

Episode 21:  When Mizune combines into her "big girl" form, and Blair transforms into her human form, and the two go at it in front of Mr. Fish Guy and his two beribboned fishy gifts for Blair...the fact that the fish also blush, do fangasm squeals and faint right along with the shop owner cracks me up EVERY TIME.  XD

Another favorite of mine is in part 3; I can't remember exactly which episode, but it's the one where Stein starts to teach the kiddos group resonance, and after DerangedFace!Stein demands that his chosen students come at him 'cause he'll "dissect them all", Maka, Soul, Ox and Harvar all mutter/sing "...cree-py..."  smiley: laugh

Anybody else have a fave and/or funniest moment or two from the anime...?

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Jan 17 13 8:33 PM

Pretty much all of episode 14 with the super written exam are my favorites.  Y'know, Soul in his underwear, Patty with the giraffe, and most of all: Kid trying to write his name.

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Jan 17 13 9:01 PM

Oh yeah, episode 14 was full of awesome sauce.  XD  From start to finish, I loved that episode!  So glad I now have that part of SE on DVD so I can watch it as many times as I want instead of fighting with Netflix.

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