Dec 10 13 10:28 AM

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i'm just gonna dump these here for posterity

A Soul Eater in a Pine Tree: music that was referenced and/or inspired the story. Jazz, instrumental, big band, charlie brown, sinatra, armstrong, etc. Here

Lodestar: music that inspired the story, or just country-ish stuff i like without actually being country. blues, bluegrass, drawl, acoustic strumming, southern gothic, etc etc. Here

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep: music that I played nonstop until I finished the damn story. Not for the casual listener. Deftones, The Mars Volta. inharmonious. Here

Spectrum Beneath: fanmix made for ResBang 2k13 for Raining-down-hearts fic of the same title. Mix involves a lot of driving, eletronic beats, but also quiet, haunting instrumentals/vocals. Ambient, chillstep, alternative, indie, videogame and movie soundtracks, etc etc. Here   ( This technically shouldn't be posted publicly yet, but given the nature of online fanmixes, the fact that it exists makes it public. I have some art to release on the post day anyway. YOLO. )