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Sep 9 11 1:12 PM

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This is all tentatively offered. I really want to re-read the manga again and get all my facts straight, but here is the idea that's been plaguing me for the past several weeks:

Way back whenever, 800+years ago in the Soul Eater universe, I'm going to pretend that Shinigami and Arachne were a thing. You're like, well... whatever, Marsh can ship whatever crack she wants, but hear me out! 

For whatever reason, just believe that they were together. Emphasis on 'were'. Pretend that Arachne was a decent witch, intelligent, powerful, sexy, blah blah blah. Shinigami was ...whatever he is, minus eight hundred years. 

Shinigami and the other great gods of overpowered B.S. are roaming around hunting bad guys and bad witches like the superhero mafia or junk, and everything is shiny. But Arachne wants in! She wants to help her man-god with his world cleansing. She looks down her nose at the rest of her kind, muddling with their pathetic powers and making a mess of things. But she has potential! She knows there must be a way she can help the superhero mafia.

And so she works. She tries. She designs and tests weapons for the great gods, but they are not good enough! Witches are powerful things to kill! They're like diamonds- the only things that can really harm them are themselves. Out comes the book of Eibon, like a cookbook. 

So Arachne, for the sake of Shinigami, becomes the heretic witch, killing her own kind to create demon weapons. She doesn't feel much more than a mild guilt about it- the witches were on her man's list anyway, and now their souls will serve the greater good! Over many years, she creates dozens and dozens of demon weapons, introducing them into humanity and creating weapon bloodlines. She introduces weapons to the great gods! And everything is happy and asskicking.

But Shinigami figures it out eventually, and he is outraged! To use the souls of others in such a way, and from her own kin! The harvesting of souls is not her job, for one, and what she has done to them, how she has manipulated them, is monstrous and abominable. When confronted, Arachne is truly confused. She had done it all for him! For the superhero mafia! Isn't it easier, now? Isn't it easier to resonate with a magical weapon and cleanse the earth? 

She says this much later, but I think it's applicable: "It matters not who originated it, nor who did the creating... what matters is what you achieve from it in the end." Which is in chapter 58-ish.

So they're divided. And Arachne becomes the next on the list, much to Shinigami's regret and godly heartbreak or whatever. The gods give chase, and Arachne must flee everyone- hunted by those she had tried to help, and hated by the witches she had betrayed. Enter Mosquito and Giriko and whatever followers she might have acquired underground, which I won't go much into here because I really haven't thought much about it. 

Yadda yadda yadda, Shinigami gets a little too close to her hideout, Arachne sends spiders everywhere, shoves her soul into a golem and plays dead. Being stuck in a golem for a long time, half-living in fear and feeling betrayed, probably does something to a person's mentality. She watches the planet while nurturing resentment. She watches the old gods and her ex end up using the weapons that she had been condemned to death for creating. Watches Asura EAT his weapon. Watches Shinigami create the DWMA, training her 'children' while he sits on top of Asura to keep the world in check. 

Fast forward 800 years. Her little sister lets Asura loose, Arachne comes back to life, Giriko is her lapdog, and she has an entire CULT that worships the grounds she walks on. 

Aaaand she eventually is slain by a weapon descended from one of the many she had created herself- A scythe, like she had crafted for her lover~. 

DO YOU NOT SEE THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS STORY?!? Aahhghhg Arachne has always fascinated me, and the more I think about it, the more in love with the theory I become. Also, sometimes I pretend she's Kid's mother, but that's more of a cracky idea that I'm not sure belongs with this theory. 

...But spiders are pretty symmetrical~

Anyway. If I wrote the story surrounding this idea it would probably be from Arachne's POV, from her time revering Shinigami, to becoming a fugitive, to having Giriko at her side, and her eventual death. It would be like... a magnum opus. 

Well, granted if it's a decent theory or whatever. Thoughts? Feelings? Hysterical, mocking laughter?

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Sep 9 11 2:43 PM

I personally like the Arachne-being-Kid's-mommy theory. It makes so much sense. But yeah, that would be kind of hard to accomplish, because she does end up going into hiding. So how would they bump nasties, unless she and Shini were already lovers and had a kid before her downfall?

It's definitely a possibility, and one that makes much more sense than Kid just being a "fragment" of Shinigami. We are all fragments, or "pieces," of our parents, because we contain half of their DNA, including the two original gametes that combine to begin the building blocks of our genetic code. I've always felt the fragment comparison to be more metaphorical than technical. I really like the idea of Kid having a physical maternal parent much more than the alternative.

In the words of Toboscus, this would be an EPIC TALE OF EPICOSITY, and one that I would thoroughly enjoy reading. The only question I have: Why would Shinigami end up using Arachne's weapons anyway? If he's going to take a hit out on his beloved because she violated some big no-no of the universe, and then ends up using her devised mechanism of harvesting the souls of witches and kishin in order to make weapons to fight for his own squeaky-clean cause, isn't that pretty hypocritical on old Death's part?

Wanting to destroy Arachne because she violated his moral code? And then turning around and doing it anyway after she's gone AWOL? Oops.

But I am thoroughly amused by the irony of the whole situation, and the fact that Arachne would ultimately be taken down by a descendant of her own creation. It's broken justice, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for her.

I like it. Magnifique!

I would never mockingly laugh at your ideas, and I believe you know it.

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Sep 9 11 3:25 PM

Your idea is intriguing and has lots of potential.

Do you want to write the story in such a way that Arachne was wholly good and that she truly loved Shini and everything she did was motivated by him? If so, it can be a bit problematic and rub some people the wrong way when you characterize a canonically strong and independent woman, who did everything because she could and wanted to, as so emotionally dependent. There is nothing wrong with having emotions other than evilness and whatnot but very difficult to pull off I think. I would like it more if Arachne weren't such a goody-two-shoes since the beginning and everything she did is supported by her feelings for Shini but if she were instead someone who isn't totally unaffected by the witches' teachings and has a bit of darkness in her. 

It would be very interesting to see her struggle with her pure feelings for Shini and her own....selfishness and desire for knowledge (which would result in her creating the weapons together with wanting to help Shinigami.) 

I think your idea would give a curious twist to the backstory of Shinigami and Arachne and make them emotionally more complex. Seeing Arachne not just as an evil witch but a woman who can also feel love and be hurt and such would definitely give her more layers of characterisation but as I mentioned I wouldn't overdo it, as in not make her feelings the cause of her every action but maintain her independence and strength.

So when are you going to write it? :)

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Sep 9 11 4:03 PM

This is godamn fantastic.
I beg you to write it and make Okubo bow his head in shame he didn't come up with such awesome canon-ish stuff.
Arachne as Kid's mother, huh? Somehow it makes sense with the spider thing...
(I say it again, I suck at wording my thoughts; it just sounds to me like it's the actual backstory of the manga because I couldn't think of something else more logical and canon-related for the love of anything.)

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Sep 9 11 5:08 PM

Thanks you guys. I wanna write a more detailed reply but my phone doesn't cooperate very well on the forum. Much love!

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Sep 12 11 4:42 PM

Maybe. I don't know! There's a lot I haven't figured out that sounds best. My initial impression is that Shinigami feels responsible for what Arachne has done, and maybe unattended/untrained weapons pose a threat? Something like that. Perhaps he feels that he must 'clean up the mess', and try to set things back in balance. At least, better the weapons be under his eye than in the hands of others.

As for Arachne battling her feelings for Shinigami and a quest for knowledge/magic/whatever, I like this idea very much. I think she could be floating between two extremes, and while one side knows that what she's doing is probably not within moral boundaries, it's kind of like "beh, the end justifies the means", while the other side is like "mmmyesss, more power, do it!"

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Sep 13 11 1:33 PM

Marsh of Sleep wrote:
My initial impression is that Shinigami feels responsible for what Arachne has done, and maybe unattended/untrained weapons pose a threat? Something like that. Perhaps he feels that he must 'clean up the mess', and try to set things back in balance. At least, better the weapons be under his eye than in the hands of others.

I like that too.

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