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Here is the lineup for Resbang 2016! We have 61 teams this year! That is insane. Keep up the good work guys!

A lot of these fic titles are working-titles and subject to change. Public summaries will not be available for a few more weeks, so stay tuned for summaries from these Resbang collaborations:

Mountain Sound
author: Larrymyphone [tumblr, ffn]
artist: peregr1ne [tumblr]
artist: odettedoodlette [tumblr, insta]

Under the Grinning Moon (working title)
author: messofthejess [tumblr, ao3]
artists: elevensouls [tumblr]

Nothing Compares 2 U
author: judoletteflip (makapedia) [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: Mister ProMa [tumblr, soundcloud]
artist: trashprincess [tumblr]

Your soul is where I made my home
author: Victoriapyrrhi [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: TheFishyWitch [tumblr]
artist: odettedoodlette  [tumblr, insta]

Spun by the Moon
author: silly twin stars [tumblr, ffn]
artist: Aquabella888 [tumblr]

I Come From The Land Down Under
author: DollyPopUp [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: TheFishyWitch  [tumblr]
artist: akumugan [tumblr, art tumblr]

Matters of the Mind (working title)
author: tamashiiresonance [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: meisterkasper [tumblr]
artist: swordbreaker06 [tumblr]

there’s something at work in my soul
author: Lannerz [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: innocentcinnamonbun [tumblr]

they wish for a future (working title)
author: cronashy absentia [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: TiffaChan [tumblr]

In The Silence I Hear You
author: skadventuretime [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: AmberLehcar [tumblr, dA]
artist: JoKay [tumblr]

it’s a rhythm etched in time
author: zxanthe [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: khaleesimaka [tumblr, 8tracks]
artist: ameliarose [tumblr]

author: fabulousanima [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: rogha [tumblr]

author: emiralnova [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: Jkat19 [tumblr, dA]

Coming to Terms With the End of the World
author: WhiteLightning [tumblr, ao3]
artist: AlmanacComics [tumblr, dA]

The Lake House
author: Sahdah  [tumblr, ffn]
artist: feather97 [tumblr]
artist: guessesmachina [tumblr]

Now the light falls
author: Lunarresonance  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: lbkprincen [tumblr]
artist: MaddestScientist [tumblr]

author: jcrycolr3wradc  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: ilarual [tumblr]

In All of the Vastness
author: Akumugan  [tumblr, ao3]
artist: happyisahabit [tumblr]

The Art of Losing
author: redphlox  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: sojustifiable [tumblr]
artist: soundofez [tumblr]

A Lack of Armor
author: AmberLehcar  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: thesockswhowearsfox [tumblr]
artist: peregr1ne [tumblr]

I’ve Been Burning
author: DollyPopUp  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: ilarual  [tumblr]

Moments of Impact
author: itsnothingpersonal  [tumblr, ao3]
artist: showknight [tumblr]

Monachopsis/Red snow
author: OblivionTime [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: sandmancircus [tumblr]

Pell Grant Matrimony: A Marriage of Gay-venience
collab authors: sojusifiable  [tumblr, ffn, ao3] & marsh of sleep [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: Adorabbey [tumblr]
artist: Tilliquoi [tumblr]

author: jcrycolr3wradc  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]  
artist: QuinnsTrashTrain1498 [tumblr]

Run (working title)
author: Squeeb100  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: shojomangatrash [tumblr]

I got 99 problems and Medusa is all of them
author: Bones (adulterclavis) [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: eisschirmchen [tumblr]

Mirror Image of Our Dreams
author: WhiteLightning  [tumblr, ao3]  
artist: TheApatheticKat [tumblr, dA]

author: Rogha [ffn]
artist: sigsegv [tumblr]
artist: sojustifiable  [tumblr]

Beaux Souvenirs
author: TheQueensClock  [tumblr, ao3]
artist: uppastmybedtimereading316 [tumblr]

author: Bitter November [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: TiffaChan  [tumblr]
artist: meisterkasper  [tumblr]

Forest through the Trees
author: Redemtion13 [tumblr, ffn]
artist: Darkpurply [tumblr]
artist: Atruedeathchild [tumblr]

beauty is in the eye
author: thegrimreaperisanerd [tumblr, ao3]
artist: Light [tumblr]
artist: strawberrymeister [tumblr]

Witch Doctor
author: DollyPopUp  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: akumugan  [tumblr, art tumblr]
artist: innocentcinnamonbun  [tumblr]

author: Professor Maka [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: Sahdah [tumblr]
artist: Rogha [tumblr]

Reluctant Company 2 (working title)
author: Sandmancircus [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: gunningtwice [tumblr, dA]

Something To Believe In
author: ameliarose [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: daciafu [tumblr, dA]

The Souls of Our Past (working title)
author: 8eecmidford8 [tumblr, ao3]
artist: Flurrin [tumblr, dA]

criss-crossed (working title)
author: soundofez [tumblr, ao3]
artist: infiniteStarset [tumblr]

It Don’t Mean a Thing (if it ain’t got that swing)
author: KarmaHope  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: snowbunnie13 [tumblr]

Pressing Forward, Falling Back
author: Mykous [tumblr, ao3]
artist: soundofez   [tumblr]

Playing for Bees
author: Kouriko (transmigratory) [tumblr, ffn]
artist: judoletteflip [tumblr, 8tracks]
artist: notanirishginger [tumblr]

author: AnimeDancer14 [tumblr, ffn]
artist: jcrycolr3wradc [tumblr]

A Kiss Behind Curtains
author: hermionesqueen [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: strawberrymeister  [tumblr]

She Loves Me (Not)
author: DollyPopUp  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: mykous [tumblr]

author: jcrycolr3wradc  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]  
artist: rainshatteredsky [tumblr]

Wish you were here
author: redphlox  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]  
artist: swordbreaker06 [tumblr]

Heavy Dirty Soul
author: khaleesimaka [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: Flurrin  [tumblr, dA]

To The Last Letter (working title)
author: happyisahabit [tumblr, ffn]
artist: ameliarose [tumblr]
artist: mykous [tumblr]

The Magic in their Blood (working title)
author: TooOceanBlue [tumblr]
artist: squeeb100 [tumblr]

Mutual growth (working title)
author: chaoticlivi [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: TiffaChan  [tumblr]

Is It Like The Ocean?
author: DollyPopUp  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: soundofez [tumblr]

Soul Incubus
author: chelseachee  [tumblr, ffn]
artist: makibela [tumblr]

(Problem. Problem. GODDAMN PROBLEM.)
author: rainshatteredsky [tumblr, ffn]
artist: skadventuretime [tumblr]

In the Colors of a Photograph
author: victoriandancer [tumblr, ao3]
artist: elevensouls  [tumblr]

Sotto Voce
author: TheApatheticKat [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: fabulousanima [tumblr]

Wanna Be Yours
author: khaleesimaka [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: fuzzyfur455 [tumblr]

Macabre Records
author: kittenintheden [tumblr, ffn, ao3]
artist: thesockswhowearsfox [tumblr]
artist: marsh of sleep [tumblr, 8tracks]

Nightmare Meet Morning
author: Flurrin [tumblr, ffn]
artist: thegrimreaperisanerd [tumblr]

la Peite Mort
author: jcrycolr3wradc [tumblr, ffn, ao3]  
artist: marsh of sleep  [tumblr, 8tracks]

Daydream Away
author: khaleesimaka  [tumblr, ffn, ao3]  
artist: leslietendo [tumblr, dA]

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